We offer a wide range of services. Our experienced system analysts and programmers work on your project from its conceptualisation through and beyond its completion and implementation. We will manage the project engagement to ensure that the project remains on its intended course and within budget. It's easy to offer deployable systems and install them, but we will remain with you to ensure that your technical personnel and other employees can successfully use the application. We also offer customized support contracts to meet most any need.

Our Services in these areas are focused on:

1) Managed Services

The entire services are managed and delivered, right from the product conceptualisation stage upto implementation, and continuous support.

We typically work on:

  • Time and material basis.
  • Fixed price basis.
  • Onsite or outsourced.

2) Outsourced Services

The resources are collected by the client and managed by themselves through a dedicated management team.

We typically work on:

  • Time and material basis of the resources working at client's offices.

3) Offshore Services

Offshore services combine the benefits of both managed and outsourced services.

We typically work on:

  • Time and material basis at reduced costs.
  • Fixed price basis. 

4) Services for Stock Brokers                                                                                     

  • Business Consulting Services.
  • Solutions Architect.
  • Senior Functional Consultant.
  • Business Analysts.
  • Software Development Services.
  • Quality Assurance Services.
  • Project Management.
  • Ongoing Applications Support.