Money Transfer System- GSLFx

Ycom Solution offers its clients such business solution which helps them to grow quickly in the competitive business environment for long period of time. Apart from that, GSLFx helping them to achieve higher returns as well. Ycom Solution Online Remittance System is adding value to the business who are involved in Online Foreign Exchange and Money Transfer.

“GSLFx Online platform serves you both dedicated service and the moldability to handle and control daily foreign currency needs of the clients” 

GSLFx Advantage:

  • GSLFx is Fast, convenient and safe
  • GSLFx Online Money Transfer allows nearly instantaneous delivery
  • GSLFx uses Multiple layers of data encryption for online money transfers
  • GSLFx provides Speed and accuracy of all foreign currency payments
  • GSLFx gives Transparency about cost and status of payment 
  • Reducing transaction costs and improving management of working capital is aim of GSLFx
  • GSLFx offers the detailed reports are available in real-time 
  • You will get Complete control over all transactions by using GSLFx
  • GSLFx is Accessible 24/7 with secure access and dedicated support 
  • GSLFx is Fully customised and bespoke online software for Global foreign exchange remittance platform 
  • SWIFT connectivity and customised payment solutions 
  • GSLFx have Anti Money Laundry Protection 
  • GSLFx have Centralised Administration 
  • Stockbroking (Equities) Trading and order management system 
  • GSLFx is User- friendly

Key Features of GSLFx:

  • Safe and Secure
  • Robust
  • Reliable
  • Feasible
  • Customisable
  • Real-time view of all your customer transactions and payments

What makes GSLFx different from others?

  • 24/7 Accessibility 
  • Compliance 
  • Dedicated and Knowledgeable Software engineers
  • Automatic and real-time email or SMS notifications
  • Easy Set-up and Integration Process 
  • Background sanctions screening
  • Offer better choices and services for customers via online or iPhone/Android applications
  • Customised Permission Levels for Employees
  • Track and monitor payment status